Yoga Cafe
Nurturing Mind, Body and Spirit

  Welcome to Yoga Cafe!


Whether you're searching for a way to lower your stress level, increase your flexibility or improve your mind body connection, yoga is right for you. 
Yoga can alleviate the stiffness of arthritis, lower blood pressure and alleviate back pain where other methods have failed.  A regular practice of yoga will bring harmony and a sense of well being to your entire life. 
As you learn the poses, you will bring balance to both your body and your mind and learn to calm your mind.
Located in Brampton Ontario, Yoga Cafe offers yoga where you work, private sessions, group classes and retreats. 
At yoga cafe you will find:   

·         personal attention

·         small classes

·         a caring environment

·         qualified instruction

While we draw from all forms of yoga, Evangeline's main training is in Vinyasa flow yoga.  

Flow Yoga:

·         lets you tune in, enjoy deep relaxation, and shape up -- all at the same time  improves your muscle flexibility, strength and endurance – for “whole body” fitness

·         corrects muscular imbalances in your body and helps prevent stress. injuries and imbalances from recurring

·         creates an internal balance between energy and calm, reducing stress and tension

·         improves your self esteem

·          lowers your level of body fat

·         stimulates your immune system

·         improves your concentration and creativity


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